Power Players: Missouri's 17 largest political donors from 2008 to 2013

"Show me the money" just might be the unofficial slogan for Missouri political campaigns -- by candidates, political parties and political action committees. Since 2008, individuals in the Show Me State can contribute as much money as they want to state candidates, party committees and third-party political action committees. They can also give as much as they want to ballot initiatives, which was the case even when the state had contribution limits.

The Beacon and the Investigative News Network have analyzed data from the Missouri Ethics Commission, followthemoney.org and OpenSecrets.org to determine the biggest donors from 2008 and 2013. We intend to continue adding data to this project for the foreseeable future.

1 Rex Sinquefield, Westphalia, MO Retired financier 576 donations: 180 to candidates and 396 to committees
    2 David Humphreys, Joplin, MO President and CEO of TAMKO Building Products, Inc 159 donations: 111 to candidates and 48 to committees
      3 Stanley Herzog, St. Joseph, MO Herzog Companies Inc. 83 donations: 68 to candidates and 15 to committees
        4 Sam Fox, Clayton, MO Harbour Group, former ambassador to Belgium 139 donations: 94 to candidates and 45 to committees
          5 William Danforth, St. Louis, MO Chancellor emeritus, Washington University 160 donations: 135 to candidates and 25 to committees
            6 James & Virginia Stowers, Founder of American Century Investments, MO Founder of American Century Investments 17 donations: 6 to candidates and 11 to committees
              7 Ethelmae Humphreys, Joplin, MO TAMKO's Chairman of the Board 91 donations: 73 to candidates and 18 to committees
                8 Jack Taylor, St. Louis, MO Retired Founder of Enterprise Rent-a-Car 115 donations: 83 to candidates and 32 to committees
                  9 Roy Pfautch, St. Louis, MO International Public Affairs Consultant 142 donations: 115 to candidates and 27 to committees
                    10 August Busch III, St. Charles, MO Former President of Anheuser-Busch 109 donations: 74 to candidates and 35 to committees
                      11 James Nutter, Kansas City, MO James B. Nutter & Company 226 donations: 141 to candidates and 85 to committees
                        12 John McDonnell, St. Louis, MO Former Chairman and CEO of McDonnell Douglas 35 donations: 24 to candidates and 11 to committees
                          13 Kenneth McClain, Independence, MO Attorney at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C. 99 donations: 65 to candidates and 34 to committees
                            14 David Steward, Town and Country, MO Chairman and Founder of World Wide Technology 165 donations: 119 to candidates and 46 to committees
                              15 James McDonnell III, St. Louis, MO Son of James S. McDonnell, founder McDonnell-Douglas 119 donations: 85 to candidates and 34 to committees
                                16 Marilyn Fox, Clayton, MO Philanthropist 78 donations: 56 to candidates and 22 to committees
                                  17 Jerry Hall, Monett, MO Executive Vice President of Jack Henry and Associates 42 donations: 27 to candidates and 15 to committees

                                    Source: Contribution data from the Missouri Ethics Commission, followthemoney.org and OpenSecrets.org. If you see a duplicated donation or know of a donation we've missed, e-mail Jason Rosenbaum at jrosenbaum@stlbeacon.org.